Written by Benjiman Grant

So Here We Go Again With The Beat


so a few years ago for christmas, Luz made me a special Advent calendar with hand drawn envelopes all containing haribo. So In return I sent her a selfie every day I opened it, apparently to show of my lack of understanding how packets of sweets work.

We are on our way up to Leeds (leedsleedsleeds) so no proper blog today just my lovely furry face from a couple of years ago. I can assure you I have learnt to tame and groom my hair since these were taken.

There were lots of things that helped me through the bad times. Tim Minchin was a huge one of them, I couldn’t sleep well at all and getting to sleep was almost impossible. I spent a ridiculous time listening to his live shows and music and it helped me keep smiling at my lowest point. Here is a touching song by him that resonates a lot with me.


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