Written by Benjiman Grant

Chang Chang Changity Chabop? What The Hell Does That Mean?

So as holiday was last night and I’m recovering tonight. I am just doing a quick filler blog. Hopefully you enjoy the content.

I often talk about spoons and being a spoonie and this is because of the following theory;


I want to share with other people this theory as it really simplifies the way you can begin to discuss your disabilities be them mental or physical. I beleive we over complicate ourselves and I know we overthink. So to begin climbing the mountain wouldn’t it be easy if someone could make us a nice route up it, a guide so you know that other people have been through this.

I had a shower thought. Maybe only pertains to those in a relationship. But I guess others might see it too. If you have conflict happening, your reaction. You inner voice giving you a decision. Sometimes the things you say yourself become the things you need to hear. So listen to yourself. If you are frustrated at other things in the world, think, what do you want to say, to those reasons for your frustration? Maybe those things are what someone should be saying to you. Try writing them down. Actually think about them. Part of CBT is the ability to take a moment to get over the physical effects of emotion. So letting heartbeat calm and focusing. People will say breath deeply. And annoyingly if you actual focus on breathing, it can work.  I personally breath in for 6 seconds. Hold it for 6 seconds. Breath out for 6 seconds. Repeat and focus on counting and then think about whatever has you so vexed.


A teaser from the holiday. We found Nemo, Marvin and Dory at Tropical world. Saw this and sent it to my friend Kait immediately knowing her and family would enjoy it as much as I did.

Until next time


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