Written by Benjiman Grant

I Used To Think Maybe I Loved You

Holiday photos

The sun came out to greet us before we left and graced us with beautiful weather for the whole weekend.


Unfortunately pain is very high today do not a great deal of content. I have managed to do some shopping online for delivery tomorrow, caught up with game of thrones and now watching the last 3 episodes of Black Sails.

Holiday was lovely. Dropped Jango off with my parents. The straight up a1 to Leeds. Cafe Nero, Check into hotel to get upgraded room for free, enjoy walk in shower lots. Then we headed out for a walk around our favourite bits of the city centre where I lived while at uni. We had nommy whippy ice cream and back to the hotel to decide upon dinner. It took the form of the downstairs restaurant Brown’s. I had a sexy burger, Luz the sea bass risotto and a equally sexy cocktail. Then back to the hotel room for sleeps. Bed was comfy but pillows made it near impossible to sleep, plus I was running on adrenaline mostly. I stayed up most the night just enjoying being in a favourite city of mine. Breakfast buffet was a scoff fest total indulgence in all the food. Then of for a trip to Tropical World. We were like oooo that sounds fun only to start driving there and realise that we had exactly the same idea a out 10 years ago. We had definitely been before, but I didn’t have nearly as much fun. Warning tropical world
…is literally tropical…is sweat quite a bit when In pain so it was nice to be in a place where everyone was sweating buckets. Loads of nice wildlife and fauna was seen. Then a nice drive out of the East side of Leeds a surprisingly lovely area of the world. Very much alike to Rutland where we live. Back on the a1 down south we stopped at ok diner for foods. Then to pick up Jango and back home to Deetoo.

A great time had.

Luz and I talked about wanting to find a career where we can spend time in hotels. We really love the lifestyle of travel and being pampered…duh, who doesn’t. Luz suggested we write a book and we could take it on tour. I’d love to do something like that. Luz has some amazing art we could combine my writing and her art into something ace.

Find your victories in the smallest good and never think giving up is a bad thing. Sometimes we just need to restart and live to fight another day.

If you ever want to know anything feel free to drop comments or you can find me as benjimangrant on most social media outlets.

Click here for the photo album of our adventurous weekend


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