Written by Benjiman Grant

Walk The Shadows, Move In Silence


So I drew this a while ago on my iPad.  I never really had an arty side until recently. If I try and visualise pain it helps me focus and an extra creative outlet.

I like most creative mediums. I love writing; from script to poetry and everything in between. I still want to get back into acting and music as ways of not only expressing myself but also satiate my need for affection. I am one of those people who has the characteristics of a puppy. I’ll do anything for a treat or a bit of praise. I go crazy for that acknowledgement and involvement in the world. I feel very much like the introverted extrovert hiding who I am too much but just wanting to spread my wings and be myself. (A dog bird I guess)

I constantly have ideas for films and shows and characters. I often feel like if I worked on a scriptwriting group of people I could find motivation and pursue ideas a lot more. But sometimes I also think maybe I have a lot of character and inspiration I want to indulge in. I’m not sure if that is acting or rpg or something completely different.

Sometimes when on your own and trying to get back on track you kind of crave another person to keep you going. Keep you motivated to keep going. I am more than willing to help anyone who needs that little push or support. It’s a sad feeling to think how many people I know might be suffering silently.

Find an outlet. Do something that makes you smile. Take 5 minutes to be grateful for yourself. Because if you are reading this I can guarantee you are awesome.


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