Written by Benjiman Grant

Now I’m Of Consenting Age…



So I have a cold. Fortunately they don’t seem to hit me as hard anymore. My throat is quite raw, but I don’t get the pain or headaches I used too.

Listening to the cricket on radio. Windows open and lovely family next door playing and laughing. Making my ovaries explode with parental instinct quite a bit. I think partially it’s a part of a feeling of legacy, but also I always feel like I have so much love to give. It can feel like I smother Luz with it. When she just wants some peace, I can be the equivalent of an excitable new puppy.


Tomorrow is a family day for our nephews birthday. I have been out of contact so long, that socialising can be tough. Mostly all I can seem to talk about is my disabilities and reasons for being antisocial for so long. I need to ask more questions and not feel I need to talk if I have nothing to say. I think however this just takes practice and more doing, gets more reaction. Plus get to see Lucas, the newest member of the family is a super cute smiley, little man. So if I fail at adult conversation, I will just make wookiee noises at him.

Then Sunday will be derby day. BBRD is Luz’s team and by default my team to support. It helps that they are awesome and win lots. Roller Derby is a still growing sport, but it’d such a great atmosphere. The sport is simply addictive. Passion, power, panache and PIVOTS! It’s just so much fun. If you know of local players or a local team please go and support them and help this sport become more awesome.

In contrast we have the beginning of Euro 16 in France. So much to say and discuss and I will as the competition moves forward. But what really gives me happiness is the country of France. It’s been an horrendous 18 months with attacks and concerns. But they will not bow to fear. There is now screaming for retaliation but a beautiful coming together of people, caring for and supporting each other. I hope for all involved that the news is solely on the action on the field and nothing more.

I have never felt a huge affiliation with England when it comes to tournaments. I grew up in a very diverse family and I began watching football at Italia 90; this gave me a love for the coming together of nations. I will go into the tournament with favourite players who I want to see play well. Mostly the Arsenal players, but with so many home nations playing I will have a soft spot for all their matches. I think it’s between France and Germany for eventual winner.



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