Written by Benjiman Grant

I Said, Don’t You Know About The Word

…sorry for the title…Enjoy that ear worm.


Today, I am currently sat on bleachers in a sports hall. The atmosphere is slowly building. Groups of people are spilling in and taking seats, the refs are collected in the middle of the hall. Players from the teams are searching out friends and families for pre bout catch up and chats. Young kids running round, even new born babies with cute little headphones to muffle the sound.

Everyone is a buzz of happiness and attraction. For most this is perfect but being in pain I am cautious of bumps and knocks. Still recovering from anxiety and depression makes being left alone in this room akin to being left in an ouebliette. But now I am a bit different. I used to hide in the dark, but now I look for the positive I step back to my comfort and compose myself. I stop to wait and understand how I am acting and relax myself.

Today took a frustration at Luz to realise my own mistake. My dependency makes me frustrated.  And today Luz, who is obviously busy with bout and programmes and everything else. I decided to have a little eurk you’re not helping me enough paddywack. And took myself of to the disabled toilet. I’m just sore. Unable to focus after the journey, and frustration gets too much so I just end up getting tetchy. I took a moment in the toilet. We apologised to each other and now I’m back to focus…

…well ish. Spending time with family yesterday was awesome, it’s weird to know that you are intimidated by what little kids think. I was actually nervous to talk. And when I’m sore I tend to babble and swear and say boring or stupid things….hence writing the blog to punish you readers with my drivel.

Just had to move for some older people to sit down. Raised a rather important question…who gets right of way elderly or the crippled. I’m worried if it were to come to fisticuffs there is two of them and the lady looks like she has a mean left hook.

So here  we are. Almost bout time and the room is filling up. Faith no More blasting through the loud speaker, the volume of conversation picked up. The crowd brings such a fun energy to sports and it’s so nice being a part of the hype.

Well I’m hoping my pain killers and vaporiser can get me through the day. Until tomorrow!


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