Written by Benjiman Grant

Breathe, Breathe In The Air, Don’t Be Afraid To Care.

Breathe, Breathe In The Air,
Don’t Be Afraid To Care.

Today I shall share a piece of my creative writing, also a little chat about communication.

Featured Image – I got some yoghurts last week, They really must have known I was writing because they had loads of inspirational messages. So to everyone who sees this, You are beautiful!

Title Song – Pink Floyd – Speak To Me/Breathe – I love the music that my parents shared with me growing up. We always had music playing in the house. This song is probably my favourite opening track to any album.

Lady Stray – Prologue

Lady Stray is a character I created last night, she is actually part of a bigger universe I have been working on ideas for. so please enjoy her first breath…


A breath, held in the air, a freezing cloud with a blue/silver hue. it now hangs motionless in the air in front of Lady Stray.

She was a diminutive woman, but held a figure that always struck fear into the heart of anyone who crossed her. Eyes pierced through the mist a blazing purple tint to a gaze that was frozen in time.

As with everything around her Lady Stray was incapable of moving most of her body.

She took a deep breath and forced it out between her lips, unmoving from the effort. A short sharp burst of breath moves forward in slow motion in front of her. It moves, if she were able a smile would be upon her face. She knew this wasn’t her fate. But merely a binding spell.

A Binding spell, she was trapped inside her head for now so only had time to think, how to breakdown this paralytic conjuration.

Well there is always time. but who knew what level of caster performed  this spell.  She was going to get hungry if it was an experienced Magi. but a novice spell could also be temperamental.

Back when Stray was novice, she knew she had power. This was made clear in her training when she was first given the power of the ancients. She experimented and toiled learning spells and conjurations and enchantments. Lets just say after her first day experiences, there wasn’t a huge queue to be roommates with Stray.

More importantly! Who did this? She was alone in the house, or so she thought. The lights had flickered, she got up from her comfortable velvet chair and as she turned…Hmm nothing. Her eyes were frozen looking at the wall.

A Touch screen, glass display adorns the wall in her view. Along with it a chain of small blue clouds. Moving very slowly towards the screen they flickered and glowed as if a lightning storm were emerging with the limits of the breath. A faint noise is crackling and fizzing around.

Strays pupils flare to life as she realises the first cloud is almost at the screen.

A disembodied voice, at a surprisingly loud proximity resonates:

“UNDERSTOOD MADAM, Rebuke Bind in progress”

As quickly as the words are finished a flash of red energy encapsulates Stray. Her skin begins to crawl with sensation as it reanimates.

She quickly can move again and as she takes a deep breath in, she turns and sees a flash of white light and a hooded figure.


Quicker than she can react, the pipe strikes her clean in the temple, Some say you see stars, but nothing is as black as the black Stray could now see.


“…Fuck”, she moans painfully as she regains consciousness.


The volume of the voice was piercing, painful and only made worse by its lack of body. Stray hated home guardian systems, but was told one day it would save her life, maybe it could have started saving before someone broke in.

“Shhh”, mildly whimpered through her Rose red lips. “just, let me…ugh, What happened?” she was looking around with her eyes trying to assess her surroundings, to see what had changed.

But space was blurring, sound was merely a background interference. Oh well great, passing out again, well time to rest.

No rest for the wicked they say, but Stray knew she was wicked, That’s what it meant to be an sorceress, but her mind obviously didn’t get the memo, for tonight she would sleep.
Strays absence was noticed, none of the others who were gathered knew as much as her, none knew how to control such power.

They all stood in a circle just looking at the green glow in front of them.

“Well!” said the closest of them, in a panicked screech. “Stray mention how to control this thing to anyone else?

The power in front of the flickered and exploded with crackling ferocity as the collection of people around it simply shrugged.


We as a species, humanoidius chatalotia, have developed so many different methods of talking to each other. Yet, somehow, our own minds are struck to states where the last thing we want is to be around people. Yet the thing we need to help us the most is communicating and being part of the world.

Sme: I just had an apostrophe

Hook: An epiphany?

Sme: Lightning has struck my brain.

Hook: Oh, that must have hurt!

I just came to an understanding of the theory of want and need in relation to myself. It was a scriptwriting technique that I never really got my head round, writing a character’s wants and needs.

When I was in the depths of my depression, I wanted silence, I wanted to be alone. However, I needed to communicate, I needed to express myself.

My journey to communication started with playing MMORPG’s. I played Star Wars Galaxies, World Of Warcraft, RIFT, Star Wars: The Old Republic and so many more. This kept me in touch with other people, but also gave me an important feature; The ability to log off. I was able to keep an arm’s distance when things got too hard to cope. The constant contact, the ability to hide behind a character, but be completely accepted for it. It’s like a support group, many other people have their own lives and problems, and you can share and be part of a community. What’s that? You can do that away from the computer too, well yeah, but in real life you can collect hundreds of cute little pets to run around next to you while riding in on a majestic steed. If you can live your life with the pets and steed, please get in contact via my contact me page and explain how you got your wonderful life.

Last night one of my friends, Ceri, Whom I met while playing WoW, messaged me. She want to express her thanks for writing the blog. Im proud to admit that I like the positive attention, this is natural. I like Receiving thanks or knowing I was a part of improving someone else’s day. Then the great thing is, I wrote to help myself and attempt to help readers who might relate or help understand someone else. Simply through communication I then got to experience another level of happiness. Which in turn inspires me to write again today and speak about how talking to each other can help. It’s a beautiful knockon effect, we need to be confident enough with our words, don’t feel ashamed to compliment someone else.

The point has rather eluded me, much like a Ross Noble joke, sometimes when I write I follow the strings of my mind, and just let them unravel. It can be frustrating when I forget what I wanted to say, but perhaps i do it because this is what i needed to say. Ooooo look at me getting back to the point ^^

We don’t say enough to the people in our lives, we don’t express fully what makes us happy, nor what makes us sad. Through lack of communication all we achieve is confusion in the people around us.

There is plenty anxieties for me personally that mean some forms of communication I do find difficult, and I will aim to progress them personally. I would love to do some Vlogs and Podcasts one day.


Ok kids, that is all from me today. Now, please sit back, close your eyes (no not yet, read the rest of the instructions first), turn up the volume as loud as you are comfortable with. Feel the heartbeat, breath in through your nose for 8 seconds, hold your breathe for 8 seconds and breath out of your mouth for 8 seconds. Keep doing this until the song finishes.

…Go..you can close your eyes now, there is no more instructions!

it does cut off abruptly so here is the follow up track from the album, it didn’t quite fit my narrative for writing, but its still a beautiful listen and the way it flows from this track is sublime.


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