Written by Benjiman Grant

Alone In The World With A Little CatDog.

Today Is all about cats and dogs! 

Featured Image – Jango and Deetoo, because they are a Cat and a Dog!

Title Song – TV Theme – CatDog. Are we sensing a theme yet?

Cats and Dogs!

So whats this all about, Well sadly not the movie:


Nor The TV show:


But instead my own relationship with Luz. We have been together for 10 years and she is the Cat to my Dog. Now I was going to go into a long diatribe about how we have characteristics of both a Cat and a Dog. It would have been a funny and cooky little journey into how I am beginning to understand “us”.

But i was just searching for some images to add to todays blog when our realised this whole tale I was about to write has already been written, and performed.

Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza took on the roles of Ben  Andy and Luz April, In ‘Parks and Recreation’ and they have been frequently compared as a Dog and Cat in a relationship.

So I thought I would let their images and words tell the story today.

Luz and Ben
The truest affection of the cat.
Dog gets a wee bit more emotional than Cat,
But they both agree that fun together is the best!
Dogs and Cats Fundamentally shouldn’t be allowed to go shopping…please someone be our live in shopper and save us from eating sugar-coated bugs on toast!
Dog and Cat have a mutual understanding of nothing.
So Dogs may be the greediest ones!
oh yeah and can you cook too, I melted a washing basket the other day and we had jam on toast for dinner last night!
Cats hate other people, Dogs love other people, and the mirror and walls and things and ooooo loook squirrel.
Dogs are dumb, Cats are not!
Dogs need validation from the Cats authority.
Shh don’t tell Cat. Ron Knows!

So yup Luz is a Cat, and I the Dog. I love her, she tolerates me. When the day is done Dogs and Cats are equally awesome! With our pets, with Andy and April, with Myself and Luz: It took me a while to come to the understanding of our relationship. PS. I love belly rubs and scratches behind the ears!!!

Your noise for today comes in the style of 90’s cartoon theme from CatDog. This show was just so amusingly random and got a lot of us through boring Saturday mornings.



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