Written by Benjiman Grant

I Really Should Be Holding You, Holding You, Loving You, Loving You

Today I talk about Tea and Ghostbusters!

Featured Image – my morning view – beautiful dog, luz’s camera, nice glass of the old council juice, jam on toast and my new chromebook. 

Title Song – Steps – Tragedy – because as you will see I almost had one, and it’s another classic sing a long tune!

Tea, Glorious TEA!!!


Kettle boiled, teabags in, sugars in, actually take my walk to the fridge before pouring the water in for a change (yes I schedule movement to minimise it).


NO MILK!!!!!!!

Baz had just turned up, awesome! solution, we can go to the shop in the next village and get some. Cue massive interrupt from brain “wooooah there sonnyjim you just chill yer breeches” (yes my inner monologue is a cowboy, well actually he is a seasoned actor and can take on a number of roles, enquire with my agent for any work!)

Ahh yes went to cinema last night (more on that soon), body not liking this whole leaving the house and causing more pain idea.

Brain then made up for the decades of being a stupid fucking idiot in one epic recovery.

“Listen young Benjamin! remember times gone by when you were wise, and learned. Remember back to the times of before, when our ancestors”

Yo brain think you are now just showing off your Native American range, please if you will…the point?

“Ahh ok, well you bought long life milk! that one time, at the supermarket, you bought some because, we live in a village now and it would be smart to have some for when we ran out”

I tell you what, that tea tasted so good! It was the tea on which days are turned around. Many people scoff at the English cup o’ tea in a crisis stereotype, but it’s actually phenomenal advice. Its taking the time to focus on making something, preparing it, and then enjoying the results. For a disabled person this is a significant achievement. It’s a moment of independence that might seem like a menial task, but ‘I’ can do it! Then it comes to drinking and enjoying the tea. Sitting up, in good posture (ok as good as possible. Controlling your breathing as you drink, and then of course the teas obvious magical powers that we can’t mention outside of the UK.

So now I’m in a happy mood, because instead of no tea *sad Benji*. We have tea fuelled *happy benji* filled with lust for inspiration.

Lust reminded me of something I read yesterday, I have followed quite a few blogs on WordPress as I try to integrate into the community and there is a lot of beautifully written romance and love stories. I then thought about it for a while and its a really nice subject to write about. Lust, desire, temptation, passion, comfort, Love. I might attempt a writing of a nice, well probably nice, maybe a bit rude, happy, love story.

Talking about the cinema, (these links are getting seamless! 😉 <— I feel this fella might be needed to emphasise the sarcasm)


(Absolutely NO spoilers ahead!)

Oh yeah, the mudder fugging ghostbusters baby. Right let’s get this clear….I am male (mostly, well in gender terms, look shh) I am white (ok once again ish, but still identify as caucasian) and I am no position to hate about anything in this world, let alone a movie standing up for itself.

I did love the original films, I did love the games on the Atari, and I did love the cartoon series on TV. So I say with so much bias, apparently, against what this stood for, if you were to go by the main populace of internet speak. Why reboot a great film series, oh they are just catering to feminism, this isn’t respectful. ***INSERT MASSIVE RASPBERRY NOISE*** who cares? don’t like it, don’t watch it. Please don’t complain about things to an audience of people who are mostly going to enjoy that. This is essentially trolling, you are only doing it to insight argument, and it’s not constructive arguement, its personal opinion and tastes. The same goes for anything in the world. Religion, Sexuality, Gender, Identity, EVEN POKEMON GO! If people are enjoying something, just be happy that they like it. It is the digital equivalent of going to a bbq park and pissing on someone elses fire! you are spoiling someone elses enjoyment at nothing but your own selfish ways. Its time for a long look in the mirror to realise that maybe you should try enjoying others joy and happiness.

Oh darn got off point a bit there, sorry, but this film was fucking AMAZING! and I mean truly top-notch. strip away the history, pretend its a new film altogether. Take away the “controversy” with the casting and the roles. This film is great!! The soundtrack is catchy and fun, mixed with a well-timed and subtle score. The graphics and animation are beautiful, we came  out agreeing that it felt more like the cartoon.

The credits were lively and funny, apparently we missed a post credits scene, so yeah, stay for that when you go watch it and tell me if it was good.

The cameos were nuts! Tywin Lannister first of all, bit random, but ill take it. So many of the original film cast were in there as well, my only slight disappointment was that Rick Moranis wasn’t hiding in there somewhere. I think that is mostly my childhood just wishing for more Rick Moranis films!

The editing was really sharp, the film always kept pace, and never left it dragging along. It had a very natural ebb and flow. It never felt like you were just waiting for the climatic end. It kept its entertainment flowing through the dialogue and the action.

The props, ok the people in the prop design team had FUN on this film, and they probably had a pretty hard task. Make ghostbusters, new and modern, realistic looking, but still take influence from these films made over 30 years ago. I presume in the same way Star Wars achieved so well. It was thanks to the crafters, designers and creators who so often go underappreciated in film creation. Yeah, they are like the invisible illness of the film industry. yeah they will love being that! (;) I think i might need on of these again) The new toys and weapons were also very fun and cool.

The sequalability – totally real word! If this doesn’t get a sequel I will not only be surprised but also a little sad, it has set up the team so well, I can only envision a really well written bad guy who can get a bit more time in a sequal really mixing it up and being a quality second film.

The script was so clever, I love the fuck yous to the haters written in. I discovered they went back to re film some of them. Good for them. The actors really played the script well, I would be interested to know how much free rein they got around their script, because either it was the tightest script or their performances were just so in character all the time. Either way, amazing!

Correct me if im wrong wasn’t there an episode of the cartoon where there was a female team of basically copies of the guys. Lots of tv shows in the 80s and 90s liked this trope, off the top of my head red dwarf, the chipmunks, ok so 2 more…but im sure it happened loads! Anyhew, the women, all remind me of these possibly imaginary female versions of the male characters, but much cooler! Like seriously all 4 of these women were funny and sharp and on point. This was a cast with a bond beyond this film and it was apparent, the on-screen chemistry was so smooth, and I thought they all played off each other perfectly. I actually feel I need to watch it again to get all the little asides and nuances of some of the background performance.

This isn’t a review I was expecting to write, but the film was so good I just wanted to talk about it. Please take kids to go see this film! Enjoy it at the cinema. It will be well worth your while. It is a genuine feel good movie. I would say that perfect film you would used to own on VHS or DVD that you would watch on repeat when you had a day off from school or college or work. It will make people happy! I sat with a smile for the majority of the film! and like 90% of that was because of the film. The other 10% was because the cinema was so empty we cheekily sat in deluxe seats we didn’t pay for, SHHH!


So the Beegees classic, taken in the 90s by Steps and rereleased, This like all their songs was great for a sing a long and a dance when you just needed some cheesy pop in your life. I was a big metal and ska punk fan, but I still loved to mix it up with the pop. So get on your best tap shoes, throw on a smile, and until Monday boys and girls, Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “I Really Should Be Holding You, Holding You, Loving You, Loving You

  1. Hello Ben,
    I found you from instagram!

    Lovely reading your blog, your sense of humour is infectious. I also like that you enjoy jam on toast, and tea. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person from the way they have their tea, and it sounds like we have ours exactly the same – hooray! (Also, I always suspected UK tea had magical powers…)

    Glad you went to the cinema and had a good time. Deluxe seats, what a bonus.

    Sending lots of love and good vibes,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words. I am glad I can help make you smile.

      I am a milk 2 sugars tea drinker, gosh I hope that makes me a good person 😀 it is very magical though I love it!

      I hope you are well and have a day filled with happiness for the kindness you shared with me!


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