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I Am Ready, I Am Ready, I Am Ready, I Am Fine.

Today I am sharing ‘Things you should and shouldn’t say/do to a spoonie’

Featured Image –  My mug! yeah bask in its awesomeness! I have been trying my hardest to share myself more with the world via instagram mostly.  This is my face, I am proudly disabled and proudly a spoonie and I have bad days and think this post might…CUE JERRY MAGUIRE FLASHBACK…HELP YOU!!! HELP ME!!!! I WANT TO HELP YOU!!!! TO HELP ME!!!

Title Song – Counting Crows – Colorblind – This is a song and a band I inherited the love for from. Seeing them perform this song live at a V-Festival many years ago was one of my happiest moments.


Things you should and shouldn’t say/do to a spoonie

So in a slight change to the normal format of my blogs. Today I woke up wanting to write about how I want to be treated. But I was lucky enough to read this wonderful post that had already said it. Please read these words and think of the people in your life who might benefit from some of the tips and advice.

Let’s make a real effort to support people like myself who are less than able. Who need care and compassion to help them get up everyday.

Thank you to Daisy for sharing these words!


Hi everyone, This post is one about the things friends, family, strangers, just anyone in general should and shouldn’t do to make spoonies (people with chronic illnesses) lives easier. I have…

Source: Things you should & shouldn’t say/do to a spoonie



Ok we won’t talk about the spelling, although I must say i am partial to a good bit of verbal fistycuffs with American friends over spellings and pronunciations!

But right, this song is just for listening to after reading Daisys words….so if you just skipped down here, back you go ^^ go on, click on the link…ready read! go on!….Awesome, welcome back. I didn’t want to put a sound track to her words as it’s not my place to choose. But this song for me inspires some pretty amazing emotional response, I feel sadness, but in a really content way, like crying with happiness almost. It was used on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, and I loved it from the first time I heard it, but the real love came when I was introduced to the rest of their discography. Then the spontaneous chance arose to see them live and I took it, giving me one of my nicest memories of a late summer afternoon outside of Stafford. The crowd sort of fell into hushed silence as the piano began and it was just music taking me to a special place.

Everything in this song connects with me, the lyrics, music, tempo and I think a live version is the best experience. sadly I couldn’t find the show I saw, but I liked this one, Enjoy!



One thought on “I Am Ready, I Am Ready, I Am Ready, I Am Fine.

  1. I am so sick of the stupid things that disabled people hear on a daily basis. Her post was so on point for billions of reasons. Especially the cancer thing; not to mention, millions of people DO have cancer, what do you say to them? At least you don’t have the black plague? i have written so, so many posts about erasure and minimizing others because at this point these attitudes and phrases have gone from making my skin crawl to making my eyes shoot laser beams (okay…well maybe not…but I at least wish they could). Side note: I am a silly American by nationality (not so much culture) though I really have always liked the English way of spelling things compared to the American way. Especially when it comes to my name, most Americans spell it “Elinor” or “Elenor” instead of what apparently is the French way and definitely my way, “Eleanore.” ergh! (I’m a word enthusiast…forgive my language rant).

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