Written by Benjiman Grant

A Long, Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Away.

Today I talk about Star Wars: Force for Change and share more creative writing.

Featured Image – Some of my ornaments I have finally unpacked after them being hidden in boxes for about a year! 

Title Song – Weird Al Yankovic – Jedi Knight – In this reworking of American Pie, we follow the events of phantom menace, I personally love the prequels. This song is almost like the fresh prince of bel air theme tune for getting stuck in my head, I can’t even hear the original song without putting these lyrics in.

Star Wars: Episode 0 – Recovery of the Ben-ji-man A-Wookiee

So to say I like Star Wars would probably be underselling it just a gnats fart! I have recently been reading about their Force for Change. So I thought hey I like Star Wars, and I want to be a force for good in this world, I want to stand up for people with invisible illnesses and help to be a voice for them when the dark side can tear them apart.

So I should write them a letter, right!

But! What do I say. urm yeah hey MR and MRS starwars, you probably get told this a lot, but I love your work. I mean wow, badabing, zing zang….

Ok so approaching it like a New York agent probably isn’t the way to go about it.

Their official remit is:


Well I totally am doing that already, so really, they should be writing me a letter, yknow…Hey Ben, oh we hear you do a great Wookiee impression, and you write about your battle with invisible illness, trying to inspire others! Ok, here is your qualifying question.

Who was more Emo, Anakin or Kylo?

In the immortal re-recorded words penned by George Lucas.


I do firmly believe that we should hold proud that which we love. We should use what we love to enrich our lives and find happiness. In this respect I honestly think  that I could be a Force for Change.  I want to tell people through something they love, that it is ok to stand up and be proud of who you are. No matter what! No exceptions! Every living person deserves to have happiness come to them. Perhaps in a world where more were happy, it would be easier for people like myself to come forward and be confident in our disabilities, to feel more accepted, more understood and most importantly, loved.

Star Wars was always taught at film school as a “Western Romance in Space”. It is mystical and above reality, but the themes are the important things that resonate and stay with us. These are stories of good overcoming the bad, the attraction of defeat and loss, and the recovery no matter the odds! The films send such a heartfelt message of positivity and courage. They inspired me throughout my life, to be better to dream, to play.

Star Wars, is literally my new hope. There may be no literal force that surrounds and guides us. There is however, love, kindness and generosity. The compassion to offer a hand to the one who can’t use their own. (there’s a hand chopping off joke in here somewhere)

Well I guess I better get writing that letter then!

….Dear….Mr and Mrs….

Woody Words

So here is a little bit more of my creative writing from my time in the woods last weekend. It was written with a bit more pain as it was later in the day and I was becoming physically exhausted and began to feel my own lack of energy overwhelming me.

Systematic destruction of insular thoughts, defies visions, exclamations of masochistic rage. Damaging eternally, clambering at the depths of self. Encapsulated by self loathing and visceral negativity, the spiral of infinity, the lonely oubliette of our soul. Depression denies us the ability to understand and feel. It rips a hole in the being of our existence, it crushes the walls of peace and confidence is torn asunder.

The pain links into the dark. the petrifying gaze of nothingness. The fires of evil, the Mordor of the mind. burning, screaming torture. Violent dreams become vitriol, while vivid thoughts manifest and expand within one’s never-ending depression of self pitiful anger.

We are left alone with solitude. no vibrance can penetrate this veil of sadness.

A light inside, passionately and vigorously still beats, holding onto the depths of hope. the dimness shadows its luminosity, and attempts to seclude it from the thoughts of the dreamer.

But the dreamer knows!

He saw the hope, the pain made a grave error.

At the lowest ebb of life, the pain didn’t strike, it didn’t take its chance to finish what it had started.

I knew then, the pain is fear.

Unadulterated and unfiltered and expressive fear! But fear of my own creation. My Frankenstein’s Monster contained within my mind. I could do 3 things, banish this monster, but then it may return. Kill this monster, but death would only pass the pain on not defeat the fear. Reason with the monster, befriend it, understand it, discover that it is not a monster, but a part of me, my own construction and able to comfortably be understood.

Demons are stricken only when they find peace, voices that just scream out to be heard. Listen to yourself, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed of what you feel, is a part of your being.

Don’t follow the white rabbit of depression! Follow your inner path to find your own way.

Accept help, accept yourself, and focus on the happiness in the world. listen to what people say, but more importantly listen to yourself.

Jedi Knight

The story of the young boy Anakin, going from an awkward 10-year-old to becoming a grumpy teenager and having his first crush, and people were surprised he was a mopey brat? I think technically this is oscar worthy acting from Hayden, oh who am I kidding, I love the prequels yes, but feck me if he wasn’t cringe inducing at times. I hate that sensation when you watch someone else get embarrassed. Ahh a cursory google search has told me that the Germans have a word for this; Fremdschamen. So, yeah, like Anakin is, like totally Fremdchamen me right now!! But this song does try its very best to make him seem cool. If you haven’t watched the films, perhaps you might think so too. Enjoy!


A Polite Request

I am currently looking at saving up to purchase a unilateral self-propelled wheel chair, this means I would be able to have more mobility when I am exhausted, but also I would be able to propel myself with one arm, when I don’t have an adequate slave to push me around.

Please check out my Support Me page. It has a link to my paypal.me account, and my amazon wish list. I know this seems like begging, because that’s exactly what it is. For me money isn’t a luxury, it is a very limited benefit, and thus affording the support or aide I need can be very slow or not at all. The Amazon wish list I share because surprisingly, people like gifts, I sure for one like receiving them!

To  attempt to raise funds myself, I am selling my old bass guitars. If you are in the UK and could collect them from the East Midlands area please let me know if you are interested in  buying either or both of the below guitars. They haven’t been played in over 8 years so are sadly just glorified ornaments and I would much prefer them to go somewhere where they can be played and enjoyed. I am not to sure of their value, so as such willing to listen to sensible sounding offers.

Aria Semi Acoustic


Ibanez Sdgr Active pickups in a violin style hard case


Thank you for reading this, Its wonderful seeing so many lovely people read my blog, but the personal stuff like this really means the world and I have been so immensely inspired and buoyed by peoples kindness since I have been asking for help. Wookieehugs for everyone!

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