Written by Benjiman Grant

I Can’t Seem To Get The Message Through

Today is a day of more pictures and fewer words.

Featured Image – Some more juxtaposition from “The little book of Chaos” and “The little book of Calm”

Title Song – Captain Everything – Picture of You – These guys were just one of my favourite live bands, such fun silly punk! Perfect for dance and a laugh. The band were really top lads to who always used to hang out with fans after they had played.


I have just finished watching season 2 of the Fargo TV series. Towards the end of the final episode, they talked about the subject of language. How one of the characters had realised that miscommunication had led to many wars and conflict. He was working on a new language, made of symbols and images that was singular and universal. Avoiding confusion and misinterpretation.

“You draw a box with a triangle on top, people know it is a house. My 6-year-old granddaughter draws a heart, people know it means love”

As a film maker I was often told to show the audience instead of tell them. We are fundamentally instinctual and we have better awareness when it comes to images that words. Obviously because they are more universal so you can show a silent image to anyone on the planet, where as a word may not be understood by all.

For those who follow my Instagram, I post a lot of pictures of myself. I can show my pride, my pain and my determination through one picture so much more clearly than 1000 words. So here is some of my pictures. I have randomly selected them, no story to them, just images for you to take what you want from.

Picture of You

This song hits a nice chord with me now. 12 or so years ago when I would listen to this song it was a catchy fun, exciting dancy song. Now it actually seems biographical for my depression. There are hundreds of thousands of smaller bands like this, sharing a message, creating a picture and generating memories. This for me is a symbol of the world. Many voices singing out to be heard and share their passion.

These boys were all about getting up and rocking out. they would encourage the crowds on stage with them, they wanted to share what they had made with people. So to truly enjoy this, you have to turn it up as loud as you can tolerate and dance as best as you are able. Let the music take over and most importantly Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “I Can’t Seem To Get The Message Through

  1. Wow! This was actually a wake up call for me. I have a hard time sharing myself through pictures. I can hide behind my words, but pictures… that’s really putting myself out there. I hate the way I look and I am so ashamed of myself. I saw a post that read something a long the lines of ” If you died how many recent pictures are there for your family remaining.” For me, there’s not many. Then I came across your post. Do you have any idea how incredibly brave I think you are to put yourself out there the way you do? Maybe I need to learn to not be so hard on myself. Maybe that’s the first step. I am my own worst critic.

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    1. I focus a lot of my pictures on things I like about myself like my eyes lips and hair. This really helped me because I am quite self conscious of my image I found hilighting little bits for myself helped no end. Now I am much happier. There is a period of maybe 4 or 5 years when there is only 2/3 pictures of me. When my hair is short in some of these were some of the few romantic that time.

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  2. This was quite lovely. I absolutely love photos. I am still quite old school and every now and then print out some of my favorite photos because nothing makes me happier than flipping through a photo album. A few things:
    1. Daffodils! When I moved to Missouri from California I noticed instead of our little California poppies, there were Daffodils everywhere. I am not used to it but I just love them.
    2. Your little white dog is truly adorable
    3. I love your selfies because you have such an expressive face. Not all people do and I personally feel like my face isn’t that expressive at all (though I have been told my voice is!) I have to wonder if that is a result of my facial deformity but reguardless I admire those whose facial expressions convey a great deal of emotion such as your own. 🙂

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    1. Im glad I could inspire some happiness with my pictures.

      1. I love daffodils! Lillies are my favourite flower, but Daffs are usually the first to bloom in spring here and we get so many of them, and quite a few different varieties in our little garden!

      2. Jango is just the sweetest puppy (he is 8, but will always be my little puppydog) He is basically me in dog form. I have never known an animal to be quite so relaxed all the time. He will sometimes just stop on a walk and lay down and sleep when he has had enough.

      3. It took me far to long to embrace my love for my own face. I was saying in another comment that I found the things i liked about my face and focused on them. I used to do performing arts so became quite natural at expressing my emotions and feelings via my face. Im never quite happy with my voice because I have a slight speech impediment when pronouncing my R’s, we should combine your voice and my face and we can make one completely expressive person! Perhaps we could find someone who has big expressive physical gestures too!

      Hope you are having a lovely day and Thank you for taking the time to comment. Wookieehugs!

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      1. Daffs! How cute! I want to call them this from now on. I didn’t know there was more than one type! I also love chill puppies. He sounds positively adorable. As for the face/voice thing I totally kbow how you feel. I was actually in theater from 5 to 19 until I got too sick to carry on with it. I always wanted to be an actress though and I still miss being on stage sometimes. I have a speech impediment as well, so I’m afraid my voice wouldn’t help at all!

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      1. I am really glad I could entertain you so much ^^ It is so nice to have people enjoying the words I put down. I love seeing the notifications pop up. I can pretend I am super popular 😉

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  3. Your images are stunning…I love them…I feel them…You share such intimate sides of yourself and for that, I am truly grateful…I do not share pictures of myself anymore; in fact, I removed most of the images of myself on my Twitter and only have a few on my Instagram…I am inspired by you to share more of my visual self…sharing yourself and your surroundings, furries, really connects people to YOU, inside YOU and understand the person behind the illness, or the illness behind the person…Amazing!!!

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