Written by Benjiman Grant

Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw, Sarcastic Mister Know It All

Today an announcement of a brief blog sabbatical

Featured Image – A bit of beautiful sky, taken from the car en route to the cinema. Not going to win any photography awards, but I love the magic of the universe and the sky is our link to that.

Title Song – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue – Why? because its bloody beautiful!  


So unfortunately for you awesome readers, I am taking a few weeks break from blogging. I know! how will you cope, I guess re-reading all the old stuff again and constantly bugging me on social media for new content! I will remain active on social media so if you do want to keep in touch with my happenings please check out my Get In Touch page for more details of where to find me.

I will hopefully be continuing to write and be able to feed you hungry monkeys with loads of fresh new contact when I return to blogging.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are in need of support or help regarding anything I have previously written. I won’t be actively blogging, but intend to keep myself available as possible to other spoonies and friends who need support.

A quick spontaneously written poem to leave you with

Crowded and broken
Burning, forsaken
Lost and confused
Solitary abuse

Words deflect
Pushing away

Wisdom lost
Perspective eroded

Time is needed

Reset on life
Healing started

Internalised hope
Dreams reawoke

The future is now
Celebrating, embracing
Finding a way
To live again

Scar Tissue

I am a massive Chilis fan and they have been a band that has inspired me in so many ways over the past. There words spoke to me, music inspired me, performance enriched me. They are the personification of happiness, mixed with the reality of adversity. I will undoubtable use more of there songs over the course of my blogging life, but this seems a nice song to use as a metaphor for my break. Like scar tissue, we need to heal, but we also need to see that process happen. To learn for our future we must embrace the past. The physical and mental may heal, but the scars remain to remind us what we went through and what we learn. Until I see you again, Enjoy!

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