My Vision

On the right path.

Finally it feels like I have found my yellow brick road, my right path to mental stability. Here is what that journey has felt like so far.

Depression/mental health problems are like a forest and we are stuck in the middle. Every tree is a different problem and can affect us in a different way. Being stuck in the forest, we are lost. No direction seems to result in leaving the forest. The forest is treacherous. We can see some problems and are able to deal with those trees in view. But around every corner is a new tree and a new situation to deal with.

My view is that medical assistance comes from some one making a jigsaw of the forest.  They need you to describe as many trees as possible and where they are so grey can piece together the puzzle. They can help find where we are and how to get out.

I believe I an out of the forest with help. The road I am on is still very lush and green and sometimes a tree will be fallen in the road.

There is a slight incline to the hill and I can see it develops into a mountain in front of my eyes. This mountain is happiness. Just seeing it is enough for most of us. I believe that the further up the mountain there will be less trees and I will be able to look down on my forest of mental health. Perhaps I will finally see the forest for what it is.

This is my journey from the edge of the forest. I aim to climb this mountain. However I have to be realistic because even in this metaphor I am disabled and the journey will be hard.

I am no longer lost in the forest. It’s effects still linger, however now I am out I can see other people making their own journeys and I am able to ask them for help and in turn help them on their way.

Other people are stuck in their own forests, both of mental and physical construct, but before I left on my journey for happiness, I want to help as many other people out of the chaos and into the clarity.

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