Written by Benjiman Grant

Out On The Wiley, Windy Moors, We’d Roll And Fall In Green.

Today I talk about the brain fog that comes with CRPS

Written by Benjiman Grant

The Way You Make Me Cups Of Tea When I Stay Round At Your Place.

Today I write about Legacy, a Recipe and a Love Story.

Written by Benjiman Grant

I Really Should Be Holding You, Holding You, Loving You, Loving You

Today I talk about Tea and Ghostbusters!

Written by Benjiman Grant

She Had Dumps Like A Truck, Truck, Truck, Thighs Like What, What, What

Today I will be crash testing the latest in a line of Flip Flops! Oh and what disability means to me.

Written by Benjiman Grant

Well I Tripped, I Fell Down Naked. Well I Scratched My Knees, They Bled

Today I am taking a look at the changes I have made in the past 5 years, I suppose I will speak about the EU vote a little.

Featured Image – “I’ve got those happy feet” I took this photo in a pub called Carpe Diem, in Leeds. Carpe Diem – Seize the day. Both the place and the message resonated in me, I loved to skank!

Title Song – Billy Talent – Try Honesty – I think honesty with ourselves helps us reconnect to the world. It was either this or Fall Back Down by Rancid for today.

Written by Benjiman Grant

I’m Too Depressed To Go On, You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Gone

Today I am sharing a document I wrote about 5 years ago. WARNING – the writing content, is from one of the darkest times in my life. I want to share it to show everyone there is hope.

Featured Image – A daffodil from our garden, earlier this year. It is a juxtaposition to the content of this post, but to show that beauty is there in the simplest place.

Title Song – Blink 182 – Adam’s Song. A song about depression and some of the thoughts that run through our heads.

Written by Benjiman Grant

We Challenge You To A Rock Off! Give Us One Chance To Rock Your Socks Off

Today I look at the bigger picture. When the world gets on top of us, it can feel like there is no way out. I offer some suggestions for improvement, based on my own experiences. Also a small mention of tomorrow’s EU referendum vote.

Featured Image – Me, my face, and my plethora of hair, I am a walking wookiee. I love my own face, I hated myself for so long, it is great to have self confidence again. gimme a kiss MWAH X

Title Song – Tenacious D – Beelzeboss – I chose this for a good friend, Tim. We often used to sit on voice chat and rock out to ‘THE D’

Written by Benjiman Grant

The Animal, The Animal, Trap, Trap,Trap Till The Cage Is Full

Fathers day, going out for family food, and the reality of CRPS and how hard pain can be.

Picture – Tea from Gates garden centre, our lovely anniversary lunch.

Title Song – Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time (Orange is the New Black Theme)

Written by Benjiman Grant

You And I Are Mortal, But Rock And Roll Will Never Die

Today we have a look into the future of the blog. I also take a fun trip around a metaphor to describe this journey.
Its also anniversary day, Yay 10 years!
Also a response to my first contact.

Picture – A Strawberry, duh! I also got to eat this, yummy locally picked.

Title Song – Reel Big Fish – Good Thing

Written by Benjiman Grant

Sorry Is All That You Can Say, Years Gone By And Still, Words Don’t Come Easily Like Sorry.

Today I look at disappointment in those around me, while Tring to justify my own purpose and hopes for the future.

Picture – Luz showing off a super cute Deetoo. Yes this shameless use of a cute cat to encourage readers.

Title Song – Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You Tonight.