Written by Benjiman Grant

Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw, Sarcastic Mister Know It All

Today an announcement of a brief blog sabbatical

Written by Benjiman Grant

A Long, Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Away.

Today I talk about Star Wars: Force for Change and share more creative writing.

Written by Benjiman Grant

So You’re Tired Of Living, And You Feel Like You Might Give In, Well Don’t! It’s Not Your Time.

Today I reflect on a weekend with nature, and surviving a bad night!

Written by Benjiman Grant

The Way You Make Me Cups Of Tea When I Stay Round At Your Place.

Today I write about Legacy, a Recipe and a Love Story.

Written by Benjiman Grant

Breathe, Breathe In The Air, Don’t Be Afraid To Care.

Today I shall share a piece of my creative writing, also a little chat about communication.

Featured Image – I got some yoghurts last week, They really must have known I was writing because they had loads of inspirational messages. So to everyone who sees this, You are beautiful!

Title Song – Pink Floyd – Speak To Me/Breathe – I love the music that my parents shared with me growing up. We always had music playing in the house. This song is probably my favourite opening track to any album.