Written by Benjiman Grant

I’m Not A Perfect Person, There’s Many Things I Wish I Didn’t Do.

Today is the hardest blog I will ever write, and hope you can take a few moments to read.

Written by Benjiman Grant

I Can’t Seem To Get The Message Through

Today is a day of more pictures and fewer words.

Written by Benjiman Grant

A Long, Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Away.

Today I talk about Star Wars: Force for Change and share more creative writing.

Written by Benjiman Grant

Conceal, Don’t Feel, Don’t Let Them Know, Well Now They Know.

Today in the Benjidome – Some not so FAQ, a little rant, also ‘Dave Syndrome” Awareness.

Written by Benjiman Grant

I Really Should Be Holding You, Holding You, Loving You, Loving You

Today I talk about Tea and Ghostbusters!

Written by Benjiman Grant

Alone In The World With A Little CatDog.

Today Is all about cats and dogs!

Written by Benjiman Grant

You And I Are Mortal, But Rock And Roll Will Never Die

Today we have a look into the future of the blog. I also take a fun trip around a metaphor to describe this journey.
Its also anniversary day, Yay 10 years!
Also a response to my first contact.

Picture – A Strawberry, duh! I also got to eat this, yummy locally picked.

Title Song – Reel Big Fish – Good Thing

Written by Benjiman Grant

Sorry Is All That You Can Say, Years Gone By And Still, Words Don’t Come Easily Like Sorry.

Today I look at disappointment in those around me, while Tring to justify my own purpose and hopes for the future.

Picture – Luz showing off a super cute Deetoo. Yes this shameless use of a cute cat to encourage readers.

Title Song – Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You Tonight.

Written by Benjiman Grant

Hello My Friend, We Meet Again. It’s Been A While, Where Should We Begin?

Today I look at reconnecting with friends and family. England fans poor behavior continues, while i relax and chat to Baz. I also developed an obsession with Wordpress stats.

Photo – One of Baz’ tattoos “Dead Mans Hand” I loved this tattoo as a kid, and the Motorhead lyric was always a favourite of mine.

Song Title – Creed – My Sacrifice

Written by Benjiman Grant

This Is My Brain, And I Live In It. It’s Made Of Love And Bad Song Lyrics

Go Benji, it’s your birthday. Todays blog will be sponsored by excited noises and the prospect of cake.

Featured Picture – My first birthday. My mum and me both totally possessed by the cake.

Title Song – Tim Minchin – Not Perfect