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Jemima Isobel

This is where I tell you all something very important.

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I’m Not A Perfect Person, There’s Many Things I Wish I Didn’t Do.

Today is the hardest blog I will ever write, and hope you can take a few moments to read.

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Out On The Wiley, Windy Moors, We’d Roll And Fall In Green.

Today I talk about the brain fog that comes with CRPS

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I Can’t Seem To Get The Message Through

Today is a day of more pictures and fewer words.

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So You’re Tired Of Living, And You Feel Like You Might Give In, Well Don’t! It’s Not Your Time.

Today I reflect on a weekend with nature, and surviving a bad night!

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You Can Check Out Anytime You Like, But You Can Never Leave.

Today I share a lovely comment, and look at future ideas. Oh and another recipe!

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I Am Ready, I Am Ready, I Am Ready, I Am Fine.

Here is a beautifully written piece, that summarises many things I want to say –

Things you should and should’t say/do to a spoonie


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She Had Dumps Like A Truck, Truck, Truck, Thighs Like What, What, What

Today I will be crash testing the latest in a line of Flip Flops! Oh and what disability means to me.

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Sing With Me, Sing For The Year, Sing For The Laughter, Sing For The Tear, Sing With Me Just For Today, Maybe Tomorrow, The Good Lord Will Take You Away

Today I want to stand up and be proud. so I am going to.

Featured Image – A double rainbow taken from my window at the weekend. I was struggling to think what I wanted to talk about today, But this image reminded me of what is good in the world.

Featured Song – Aerosmith – Dream On. It really is an Anthem of positivity. It makes you want to hold the person next to you close, throw an arm in the air, and cheer with, ahem Glee (I will be proud to say I loved Shuster and NPH doing Dream on)